A Life Debt Repaid

Soon, another nurse emerged from the delivery room with a small bundle. “Is the mother’s family here?”
“Yes!” John exclaimed loudly.
“The delivery was successful,” the nurse said. “The baby weighs eight pounds-“
“How is she?” John asked in agitation, not caring about the child.
“She’s fine. The doctor is just helping her clean up and she’ll be out soon,” the nurse replied.
As John breathed a sigh of relief, the nurse reminded him,” Aren’t you the father? Here’s your child.”
John took the baby off her arms, staring at her for a moment as the others flocked around him.
“Oh, she’s so fair!” Zoe could not help exclaiming. “That’s the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen.”
“Are you saying that your son’s ugly?” Bob teased.
“To be honest, yeah,” Zoe replied without thinking.
Jay cleared his throat-even if it was a subjective opinion, it still hurt to have his own baby called ugly.
“Let me carry her,” Zoe volunteered just then, and John did not hesitate to hand her his baby.
As Zoe cradled the baby in his arms, she exclaimed, “Oh, you’re so adorable, princess. Fate has really been kind!”
Somehow, she appeared to be emotional that Cordy’s child was blood related to hers.
“Let me see her.” Quinn got closer, playing with the baby.
The baby was really beautiful and gave the impression that she would become gorgeous despite being a newborn.
“Wait, is she a girl?” Quinn suddenly asked.
“Obviously,” Zoe said confidently. “What, do you think there’s a pecker?”
Before the nurse could speak, Cordy was wheeled out of the delivery room.
John strode up to her, kissing her on the forehead when he saw her frail state.

“Good work.”
Cordy shot him a look, clearly upset.
“Let’s get you to your room. No mentions of the baby now,” John said determinedly, not wanting to see her look so sad ever
He took the handles of her wheelchair from the nurse and took her to her ward while everyone else followed.
Quinn started to leave as well but suddenly turned to find Sam standing there.
She was surprised-why was he still standing there?
Sam saw her looking at him just then and smiled faintly.
He could see happiness in her eyes when he saw her looking at the baby-she must be looking forward to giving birth too!
Walking up to her, he said, “I will always stay with you.”
Before and after the delivery-no, he would even raise the baby with her.
Quinn took his hand, locking fingers as she asked, “Will you be a good father, Sam?”
“Definitely,” Sam promised.
“Then I forgive your pump and dump.”
“What?!” Sam did a double take.
Pump and dump?! Could it be...?!
Quinn beamed as he stared at the swell that was her belly, and his eyes welled up with tears.
He had never felt this lucky in his life, and he decided that he really loved her!

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