Chapter 890 The List
"I want that list!" The man in the black robe stated his purpose bluntly, without any concealment. He wanted to see if Ronin truly dared to steal the list. Despite Ronin's recent betrayals against the Hacker Alliance, the man still didn't trust Ronin. Ronin had followed Catherine for too many years, and their bond was profound. This list of key personnel was the final test for Ronin.
Over the years, the Hacker Alliance had taken on numerous tasks, many of which involved confidential figures. To protect the organization, Catherine kept a blacklist, and its exposure would have dire consequences. If it fell into the wrong hands, it could become a weapon to control the fate of the Hacker Alliance.
Very few people outside were aware of the existence of this list, and even Ronin had stumbled upon it accidentally. He verified its presence by asking Catherine. If he really stole this list and handed it over to the man in the black robe, it would spell disaster for the Hacker Alliance.
Seeing Ronin silent for a while, the man in the black robe squinted his eyes, looking at him with a cold expression. "What? Are you unwilling?"
Ronin hesitated for a moment. Then he slowly raised his head. "Sir, it's not that I'm unwilling. I have only a limited knowledge of this list, as I overheard it from Catherine. I have absolutely no clue about the whereabouts of this list. Since you are aware of the existence of this list, you must have some leads. As long as you can provide me with clues, I will do my best."
The man in the black robe stood tall, staring at Ronin coldly. He wanted to know how much truth was in Ronin's words.
Ronin knelt down on one knee, motionless, portraying sincerity.
Finally, the man in the black robe said, "I have only heard of this list, but I didn't expect it to be true. Since you know of its existence, there's no need to fear not finding it. I'll give you a week to investigate. I'll also arrange for people to investigate, and I'll inform you as soon as we have any information.
Ronin bowed his head low, silently cursing the man in the black robe as a cunning fox who didn't really believe him. The man surely knew some insider information but was unwilling to easily reveal it to him. Then Ronin replied, "Rest assured, sir. I will do my best!"
Exiting the base, Ronin's heart was still pounding intensely. Every time he encountered the man in the black robe, he felt unusually nervous, though he couldn't pinpoint why exactly.
Once in a safe place, Ronin immediately shared the news with Catherine. "Catherine, I feel like he knows more about us than we thought."
Catherine, upon receiving the message, wasn't too surprised. If the other party hadn't come prepared, that would have been unusual. "Got it. I'll handle this, and I'll let you know when it's sorted."
"Okay!" Ronin replied.
After confirming that Ronin was fine, Catherine hung up his call. Just as she turned around, she bumped into Branden, who was entering through the door.
"Is it over?" Branden asked gently.
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Catherine raised her phone in her
hand. "Ronin
"Ronin called, wanting to invite
me out for a late-night snack. I didn't e
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Branden approached slowly,
extending his hand to embrace hem "Hungry? if you don't want to go out, I can make something for you at
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Catherine's stomach rumbled silently, and she nodded in agreement. "Sure. Make something light."
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Hearing that, Branden immediately
went to prepare. Before leaving, hen Stopped in his tracks. " Visit to read the latest chapter of this novel
Recently, you seem to be eating a bit lightly. Is your stomach not feeling well?"
Catherine hesitated for a moment, unsure of how to respond.

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