I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Luo Yan was stunned.
She actually knew this person.
As the legitimate eldest daughter of the Luo family, she would either marry into the royal family or form a marriage alliance to win
over military generals.
In this generation, there were actually several promising candidates that the Luo family had set their eyes on. Luo Yan’s father
had even asked her to choose one of them.
However, Luo Yan had refused.
What she wanted was fair and free love.
The person in front of her was one of the soldiers that her father had considered. He was said to be a young battalion
commander with a promising future.
At that time, this person had even approached Luo Yan to show his good intentions, hoping that she would choose him.
After all, getting the support of the Luo family would help his career in the army!
Luo Yan had refused him at that time, but she never expected that she would be ridiculed by him now.
As she stood there in a daze, she heard him continue...
“At first, General Luo did indeed consider me, but I didn’t agree. I’ve long since heard that Luo Yan is ugly and has no talents.
Now, she’s not staying in the back, taking care of her husband and children, and has run into the men’s group. How desperate
must she be for men?”
“Hahaha, Luo Yan is just eager to get married! But like this, it’s definitely impossible. Who would marry someone who has been
among men? You were right not to want her.”

“Hehehe,” the soldier sneered, “I am not the only one who doesn’t want her. I think even if she became an old maid in the future,
no one would want her!”
“Of course, if she’s really lacking men, we can give it a try. After all, Luo family women are usually high and mighty. When would
it be our turn? Hahaha...”
The group became more and more outrageous in their comments, making Luo Yan’s eyes turn red and her body tremble. It was
as if she couldn’t wait to rush over and die with them the next second.
Yan Zixuan, who was beside her, was also furious.
Country A had a conservative culture, and women took their reputation very seriously. Once, a distant cousin of the Yan family
was accidentally kidnapped for ransom. Although she was found the same day, she still committed suicide by hanging herself
after that.
This just went to show how harsh Country A was toward women.
Yet, these men were openly discussing a woman here?
Yan Zixuan felt his fists harden.
He was about to step forward when he saw a figure rushing over.
How could Shen Ruojing sit and listen to these people slander Luo Yan?
She went straight over and kicked the soldier who claimed to be chosen by the Luo family.
The soldier was inexplicably kicked and didn’t come to his senses until he got up from the ground. He then realized that Luo Yan
had heard their conversation.
However, he was here specifically to discredit Luo Yan under the instructions of Luo Yan’s second uncle.
So, how could he be afraid?
He angrily said, “You, a mere soldier, do you know who I am?! How dare you lay hands on a superior? You’re really
overestimating yourself!”
When Shen Ruojing entered the army, she did so as an ordinary soldier.

And the military was where people followed orders the most, and status was of the utmost importance.
Moreover, the person in front of her was indeed a battalion commander, and he did have a higher status than her.
Shen Ruojing narrowed her eyes and said directly, “No matter what status you have, does it allow you to insult your colleagues
The soldier immediately shouted, “What colleagues? What colleagues are you to us? Do you have records of serving in the
army? You think you’re a female soldier just by wearing a military uniform?”
Shen Ruojing sneered, “Whether we are female soldiers or not is not up to you, but if you insult Luo Yan, I will intervene!”
The soldier wanted to say something, but Luo Yan’s second uncle hurried over. “Your Highness the Princess, what’s the matter?”
The soldier then realized that the person in front of him was the Princess.
He was so angry that he gritted his teeth, but he dared not say anything more. He could only complain to Luo Yan’s second
uncle. “General, I was just chatting here, talking about how General Luo had his eye on me and wanted me to marry Miss Luo.
Then, out of nowhere, Her Highness the Princess came up and kicked me!”
Luo Yan’s second uncle looked at Luo Yan and frowned. “Oh? So you are the son-in-law my brother chose for Luo Yan?”
The soldier immediately shouted, “No, I’m not!”
Luo Yan’s second uncle pretended to be a good guy and said with a dark face, “What’s the matter? You don’t think our Luo family
women are good enough?”
“General, although I admire the Luo family, Miss Luo Yan’s actions are really too humiliating! I will not marry her!”
Luo Yan’s second uncle continued, “What if it’s an order?”
The soldier immediately took off his hat and said stubbornly, “For such a woman, I’d rather be a soldier for the rest of my life and
not be an officer. I won’t marry her!”
He looked determined, which made the surrounding soldiers look at him with admiration.
Luo Yan was furious.

Her father hadn’t chosen this soldier at all, but now they were ganging up on her to make her look bad!
Luo Yan stepped forward and yelled, “Second Uncle, I won’t marry him either, so you don’t have to go through all this trouble!”
Luo Yan’s second uncle just sneered, “What trouble am I going through? This is their own choice. Luo Yan, do you see? Even
with your father’s face on the line, no one dares to marry a woman like you! You won’t be able to get married in your lifetime! Do
you still want to be a soldier?”
Luo Yan was stunned.
She looked at her second uncle, about to say something, when suddenly a deep male voice came from beside her.. “Who says
she has no one to marry?”

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