“Then there’s nothing to be afraid of. No matter who wants to oppose us, you can trust me completely, and 1 can also trust you
completely. Do what you want to do, investigate what you want to find out, and don’t have any concerns. I’m behind you,” Ainsley
said firmly.
Matteo didn’t expect Ainsley to tell him so much. When he got the news, he feared that Ainsley, if she knew of it, would be on her
guard against him.
Now it seemed that he thought too much and was wrong.
He smiled self-deprecatingly. “Got it.”
Virginia Mason Hospital.
“Lainey, guess what I encountered today?” As soon as Roman arrived at the hospital, he couldn’t wait to share it with lainey.
Seeing him, Lainey forced a smile. “Well, what did you see?”
Roman placed the fruit he had bought on the couch and strode over to her. His brown eyes sparkled as he said, “I’m telling you,
1 ran into a man who brought his dog out walking on my way here. His dog ran to the tree and was about to pee when a cat
suddenly jumped out. The dog was so scared that it ran around and peed all over its owner...”
Lainey listened intently, maintaining a faint smile on her face.
It took Roman almost half an hour before he finally stopped.
Seeing that the smile on Lainey’s face had never been one that came from her heart, he forced himself to suppress his grief and
look away. After taking a deep breath, Roman returned to a relaxed appearance.
He skillfully found a fruit knife and took out an apple from the bag. While peeling it, he said, “Lainey, I’ve sent breakfast to Mr.
Salter. He hasn’t woken up yet, so I asked the nurse to wake him up for breakfast when she goes to the ward.”
Lainey lowered her gaze and looked at the lonely man squatting on the ground. The scene tickled her nose, and she had an urge
to cry.
She then said what Roman wanted to hear the most at the moment, “Let’s go bring a meal to Dad together at noon.”

Roman was stunned and raised his head. After a moment, he shook his head with a wry smile. “Forget it. It’s better you bring the
meal to Mr. Salter. I’ll just wait tor you at the door, in case Mr. Salter has no appetite it he sees me.”
This was very likely to happen.
Pain flashed across Lainey’s eyes.
After tlie apple was peeled, Roman carefully cut it into small pieces and fed it to Lainey.
After feeding the fruits, he let her back to sleep.
The doctor also said the most important was to rest.
By tlie time she woke up, Roman had already packed the lunch box and sent it away.
She looked at him in surprise. “How did you convince my dad to eat?”
Roman blinked at her and said mysteriously, “1 have my own way.”
After that, he pushed the wheelchair over and said in a gentlemanly manner, “Excuse me, lady, can you go out to the garden with
Lainey felt her heart ached so much that it was about to explode.
1 lowever, she had to pretend that nothing had happened.
Roman didn’t know that the better he treated her now, the more miserable she would feel.
“It’s not good to stay in the room all day. Come on, let’s go get some fresh air.” Before Lainey agreed, Roman picked her up and
put her in the wheelchair.
Lainey was not in the mood to stroll around the garden at all. She just wanted to find a quiet place to stay alone.
But this thought would never come true, and she couldn’t hurt Roman as she thought.
The flowers in the hospital garden were just common species on the market, and there was no enjoyment.
Fortunately, tlie greening was done well, and there were some bright spots.

Roman pushed Lainey to the center of the garden. He picked up a falling flower on the ground and put it on her head.
He took a few steps back and stared at Lainey, who was beautiful, and
said. “Lainey, you’re so beautiful.”
Lainey was not happy when hearing that. Instead, she widened her eyes and burst into tears.
When Jaydan woke up, there was no one around him. His assistant may have gone to the company to deliver his instructions.
I le looked al the lunchbox on the table next to the bed. There was a note attached to it, which was left by Roman. “Mr. Salter,
inside is fish soup.
Have some when you wake up. Besides, Lainey has already drunk it, you don’t have to worry about her.”
Jaydan closed his eyes. It would be a lie to say that he was not moved at all.
Ever since he fell into a coma, Romance had been taking care of him meticulously, and he personally cooked his daily meals.
After his daughter’s accident, Roman had been taking care of her in the hospital, just like Roman did for him.
If only... If only Roman was just an ordinary person. There was no blood feud, and it wouldn ‘t affect her daughter in any way.
However, after all, those things had already happened, no one could ignore them, and there was no way to go back. Tlie hurt
had formed, and the scars were deeply engraved in the heart.
He sighed heavily and pressed the switch of the curtain.
Instantly, tlie thick curtains opened and the gentle sunlight spilled into tlie ward.
His window was facing the hospital’s garden. At this moment, many patients, accompanied by their families, were enjoying some
fresh air, some of them children running about, pregnant women with their husbands, and middle-aged people walking with their
Then, he saw a familiar figure. Lainey was sitting in a wheelchair with a flower pinned to her hair. Roman was still picking the
most beautiful flower for her in tlie grass.
The atmosphere between them was so good that no one could get involved, and his daughter’s gentle gaze also fell on Roman.

The moment their eyes met, there was a sense that they were the most perfect match in the world.
Jaydan suddenly had a strange thought in his heart. He actually thought that Roman was not bad.
When he closed his eyes again, the image that appeared in front of him was the video he saw on his phone a few days ago.
In the dim light, his daughter was lying on the ground, with the nasty men on top of her.
Jaydan clenched his fists, picked up the remote control again, and closed the curtains. The sunlight was blocked outside the
window. I would rather be in darkness forever myself, as long as I can pull my daughter into a bright future.
Even though he knew that Roman was a good person, he didn’t dare to take a risk.
It was Daniel this time, and who would it be the next time?
His phone rang, and he immediately picked it up. “How’s it going?”
“Mr. Salter, we’re well prepared. We’re just waiting for your order.”
Jaydan said seriously, “Then wait for me to get discharged. I want to avenge my daughter with my own hands.”
In another ward, Serina sat on the verge of tlie bed and looked at Miles curiously. He was giving her a manicure. “What do you
think?” He showed her the one he had just done.

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