The CEO’s Hidden Love Midnight Temptations and Deep Desires

But let's face it, it wasn't much of a surprise. Karen had a hunch before - the moment the beans were spilled about Dorothy's issues with Everett's mom, Kenneth was bound to see it as his golden ticket.
"Karen, what do you reckon I should do?" Dorothy was at her wit's end with Kenneth.
She had said her piece and turned him down flat more than once. She couldn't just burn bridges and leave him with zilch dignity.
After all, his support over the years wasn't something you could just sum up with 'good job". To put it bluntly, Kenneth's favors were the kind Dorothy would owe her life for.
"I haven't got a clue," Karen shrugged, "and you don't need one! Let him do his thing. As long as he doesn't do anything to hurt you, it's all good." "His folks must hate my guts." "Don't sweat it. I've got your back. They're not pinning this on you! Kenneth's the one who's been doggedly persistent. It's not like you led him on or anything." If Dorothy took the fall for this, she'd be so wronged.
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"I just hope Kenneth won't stir up trouble! He keeps pushing Everett's buttons, and I'm scared Everett might lay hands on him." Karen might have once watched from the sidelines, hoping that if Kenneth could win over her bestie, it'd all be peachy.
But not anymore. Having seen what Jeffrey was capable of, she feared what Everett might do if he really meant to go after Kenneth. Kenneth could end up six feet under without even knowing why.
"Everett wouldn't do that." "Hey!" Karen bolted upright and quirked her mouth, "If it weren't for you standing in the way, Everett would've flayed and bled Kenneth dry by now, and you know it!" Everett wasn't that frightening, but Karen made him sound like the grim reaper, Dorothy thought.
Jeffrey honestly hated these kinds of meetings the most - they were long and stank of hot air! The shareholders spewed nonsense without ever hitting the nail on the head. Those flip-floppers were swayed by whoever dangled the juiciest
He had to admire Everett's patience for not booting out the old coots on the spot.
Finally, the meeting dragged to a close, and Jeffrey couldn't get out fast enough. He didn't linger for a second.
Back in his office, he found it deserted.
No guesses needed - Karen was surely badgering Dorothy again.
He pulled out his phone and hit the elevator button, checking WhatsApp to see a message from Everett.
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[Liberty City's business won't wrap for another three days Jeffrey M recalled their last conversation and then a sly smile crept across his lips. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
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[So you are heading back to Eldorria City after three days?] [Not Suren Typical Everett, playing coy. Time to
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[Man, you see that Kenneth and I will become family. He's planning to ask
Dorothy out for dinner tonight and wants me to get her to come. He me
says if things work out, he'll talk to Karen's folks for me. Should I help him out? The offer is mighty tempting! I'm so torn!] The message was sent, but there was no
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Just as the elevator reached the project floor, Everett finally shot back a
WhatsApp message.
[Torn my foot.]

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