The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge

The following afternoon, Rachel finally regained consciousness from her coma. Upon waking up, she saw her mother and lan, who had been waiting by her bedside for her to wake up. Rachel was excited and touched. In the heat of the moment, she threw herself into her mother's arms. The mother and daughter were reunited after the ordeal, crying together in each other's embrace. The usually cold lan silently shed tears at the touching scene. He quickly wiped them away. After all, he must maintain the demeanor of an elder.
"Mom, no matter what you say, I won't change my mind." Rachel gently wiped her mother's tears, her gaze unusually resolute. "I've decided to testify in court. If I don't fight for my own destiny, even Ms. Thompson and Mr. Salvador won't be able to help me."
Mrs. Mead choked up. "Rachel... I'm so worried for you."
"Mom, if you're worried about me, then please don't stop me. I must speak up and seek justice for myself and the other girls hurt by Charles."
lan's eyes narrowed, and his heart was pounding. He felt that Rachel had matured even more overnight. Her unwavering and resolute gaze even reminded him a little of Bella.
"Rachel... I was wrong before. I was confused..." Mrs. Mead nodded vigorously, holding her daughter tightly. "I will respect your decision."
Just as lan was about to quietly leave, Rachel suddenly smiled gratefully and introduced him to her mother. "Mom, this is Mr. Harris. He's Mr. Salvador's secretary. Yesterday, he did everything he could to save me. He's my lifesaver."
"Thank you! Thank you so much, sir!" Mrs. Mead expressed her gratitude tearfully.
lan scratched his head, blushing sheepishly. "Uh... Please, just call me lan."
"Mom, could you do me a favor today and go home? Get the fabric I bought and my toolbox." Rachel raised her long eyelashes and glanced shyly at lan, biting her lip. "I'm bored staying in the hospital, and I want to finish the backpack I promised to make for Mr. Harris. I don't want him to wait too long."
lan's breathing became erratic, his heart pounding so intensely that it felt like it might burst from his chest. "No, no need, Ms. Mead! Your recovery is the priority. Don't trouble yourself over such a small matter for me!"
Rachel lightly shook her head, her bright eyes shimmering with moisture. "It's just a craft project, not tiring at all. Besides, you lack nothing, and I have nothing to give you in return. This is just a small token of appreciation. I hope you won't dislike it."
In the lounge next door, the young couple sat side by side on the sofa. Justin was busy handling group affairs on his laptop, while Bella was earnestly eating from her lunchbox nearby.
"Mm... Justin, you should take a break and eat first." Bella picked up a cube of steak and offered it to Justin's lips. "The lunch boxes near the hospital are not bad."
Justin's eyes remain fixed on the screen. He leaned toward her to take a bite and slowly chewed the meat.
Bella stared at his slightly glistening lips, his strong masculine jawline, and those long eyelashes that fluttered like thick fans.
She thought, 'Good lord, how can this man be so sexy even while eating? It's infuriating!'
"Hmm... I don't like it." Justin furrowed his brows lightly.
"Well, to have something to eat. This place has received a lot of good reviews. Hmph, you're such a picky eater." Bella picked up another piece and popped it into her mouth, savoring the food. Justin thought that Bella was so adorable. Her beauty was never pretentious. No matter how uncomfortable or harsh the environment, with her by his side, he felt at home.
His heart melted, and his eyes burned with desire. Suddenly, he pecked her oily lips.
"Ah! I didn't even wipe my mouth yet. Don't you mind?" Bella blinked her beautiful eyes, feeling a tingling sensation in her heart.
"I can't get enough of you. Why would I mind?"
Chapter 1407 1
Bella hugged his neck, raising her small face playfully. "Okay, I'll be waiting to taste it. Just don't mess it up."
The two finished their lunch in a lovey-dovey manner.
Bella suddenly remembered something and smiled. "I can see that lan is quite fond of Rachel. Could it be..."
"It's inappropriate." Justin frowned and shook his head.
"What's wrong? Can't he fall in love?" Bella squinted her eyes playfully, resting her elbow on his broad shoulder.
"There's nothing wrong with falling
in love. I'm just worried it might affect Rachel. Isn't she taking the college
entrance exam this year? We can't let her studies be affected."
Justin affectionately cupped Bella's
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He had a hint of parental concern in his tone. "Besides, they've only known each other for two or three days. How can things develop so quickly? I don't believe in love at first sight." The content is on! Read
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"Oh? You don't believe it?" Bella's warm breath wafted over his handsome nose.
"But I fell in love with you at first sight."
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Justin chuckled, his lips curling up.
"Bella, the first time you saw me was at Mount Jaglee, right? You were only eleven that year." The content is on! Read the latest
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"Yes, I have started liking you since
then. I've chased after you ever since, Justin." Bella didn't hide
hide her love for
him, her eyes sparkling like a blooming rose. The content is on! Read the latest
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Justin suddenly felt a tingling
sensation in his heart. He felt a wave
of bitterness rising up. Although love knows no timing, what she said still
made him feel ashamed. He was unable to lift his head. S
Just then, Bella's phone rang. Seeing that it's from Ralph, she quickly answered,
"Ralph? What's up? Did you find out anything?"
Ralph said, "That guy confessed, and we also found out his background. He's
one of Charles' thugs."
Both of them are stunned. "Who? Charles?!"

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