The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story

Chapter 0497 Time had no meaning to me, without a watch, but I certainly felt like I was stuck in that dirt pit for hours. I had tried several times to pull myself out, but each time ended in near- immediate failure.
The walls were crumbling dirt. There was nothing to hold onto. Even my new werewolf strength couldn't help me if I couldn't find a handhold or foothold.
So I could do nothing but wait. And wait. And wait.
I worried about Veronica. Shouldn't she have been back by now? What if she fell into another hole and we were both trapped here?
Bridget did say she would come back for me after she found the treasure.
She wasn't lying, right? She wouldn't leave me here to rot? The longer I stood there looking up as the sky grew darker, the more I began to doubt.
Wait. That sky was getting awfully dark. We had left at dawn. It couldn't have been night already, unless I really was starting to lose my mind. When had I last seen the sun? I tried to remember, but its position had been difficult to orient through the tree corner.
But then I understood - because the sky opened up and rain started to pour down on me.
The dirt around me turned into mud. I was glad for my boots, but they were
starting to sink down, sticking into the goop under my feet. 9 Any hope I had at finding any handholds in the walls of the pit disappeared as the sandy dirt became even slicker. Large chunks of the walls plopped down onto the ground.
The rain was chill, pelting hard onto all of my exposed skin. I'd worn my most conservative swimsuit, but it was still a swimsuit and therefore offered no protection from the elements whatsoever.
I shivered hard, the rain creeping down into my bones.
Then I noticed the water was beginning to pool at the bottom of the hole.
No way was I going to die here.
Certainly not by drowning, I had to make a final play. I didn't know what I could do here, exactly, but [wasn't going down without a fight.
Elvawas waiting for me to come back to her. I would fight to make sure my little girl didn't have to grow up without me.
I clawed at the walls, searching for purchase. The muddy dirt broke apart in large chunks, coating my hands in brown, with dirt collecting under my fingernails.
I wouldn't give up. I kept clawing. 5 And then, finally, I gripped something solid. It was a tree root, uncovered by the dirt clumps falling away. I grabbed it with both hands and began to slowly
pull myself out.
It was difficult work. My feet, with no footholds, were basically useless. I had to climb entirely with my upper body strength.
I begged Miracle for strength, and she gave what we could. Together, we began to make progress.
But the tree roots were slippery with the rain, and it seemed that the harder I held onto them, the worse of a grip I had.
My stomach dropped as I started to slip. No! I wouldn't give up.
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I cried out, desperate. “Please!" My word was swallowed by the roar of the rain falling on the massive leaves of the jungle. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
In the distance, a wolf howled.
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I knew that howl. L- A rescue was coming. I just had to hold gripped with both hands, yanked as hard as I could. The content is on! Read the latest
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"Nicholas!" I cried. I might have been crying. I couldn't tell with the rain coming down.
My hands slipped on the tree roots, and I began to slide down. I gasped.
- Butthena pair of strong, steady hands gripped me under my arms.
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"Nick!" I was definitely crying now, so
relieved to see his face. Despite my ΠΡ
aching limbs and my shivering, I NO a
knew I was safe now. Nicholas had
found me and he wasn't going to let me die here. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

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