The Lycan King's Fate Calling

Leonard's POV:
"That is impossible!" I exclaimed firmly.
I was never interested in love affairs. When I was young, I either fought in the army or devoted myself to managing the affairs of the pack.
Since my mate died from an illness, I had never thought of remarrying. I spent all my time raising my only daughter, Alina.
Ethan sighed with distress. "I know that with your integrity, you won't mess around with anyone else other than your mate."
I pondered for a while, then said to Ethan, "Maybe Sylvia's lycan power is unexpectedly awakened on its own."
"That's actually the only possibility."
In the end, our discussion was fruitless, and we could only come up with this conclusion.
But my intuition told me that things were far from simple. Every time I saw Sylvia's face, I felt an indescribable sense of familiarity. But this sense of familiarity seemed to have been lost in the depths of my memory. I tried to figure it out, but I couldn't. So I could only wait for the truth to come out by itself.
"Sylvia is talented and powerful," Ethan said, obviously praising Sylvia. "But apparently, she hasn't fully mastered her power yet. During the game, her power only broke out because she was stimulated by what Toby did."
"She doesn't seem to know her own power yet," I commented.
I had always hated slaves. But although Sylvia was also a slave, her tenacity and willpower had changed my opinion more or less.
Ethan chuckled and said, "Back then, I used to look down on her. But look at what she has achieved now. Looks like I made a really poor judgment, ha-ha!"
I didn't say anything and just smiled. Sylvia was indeed a talent. But it was not enough to offset my grudge against slaves.
"I want Sylvia to serve the royal family in the future," Ethan continued.
I agreed with him, thinking that it was a good decision. If Sylvia served the royal family, it meant that she could get rid of her identity as a slave. And her life would be a lot easier in the future.
"I know that you always hate slaves. But I still want you to train her since you also have a lycan bloodline." Ethan looked at me and smiled like an old fox.
I finally understood what he was up to. I refused him without hesitation. "Maybe I can tolerate slaves, but I will never teach the daughter of a traitor."
Ethan frowned. "Rufus said that Sylvia's mother was just framed, and she was a victim of misjudgment. Judging by Sylvia's character, it can be seen that her mother is not likely a traitor of bad virtue. After all, a bad she-wolf can't raise such an excellent daughter."
I sneered, "Rufus is not even capable of protecting himself now. How can he prove that Sylvia's mother is not a traitor?"
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Many years had already passed. If
the verdict could be reversed, it om
should have happened long ago. have u
Nothing Rufus said now could
change what had happened in the
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What I said made Ethan angry. He thumped the table with his hand and snorted coldly. "Just wait and see. As far as I know, Rufus has alreadym found something. When Rufus's own problem is solved, he will tel you the truth. I hope you won't come up with any other excuses by then." Actually, I didn't care about the truth at all. Sylvia was just an insignificant figure to me. Whether she was the daughter of a traitor or not didn't matter that much to me. The content is on! Read the latest
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However, since Ethan wanted to bet on this, I would like to play along.
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"Okay, if you say so. As long as Sylvia
can prove her mother's innocence, I promise to train her I said om compromising. Salah the
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Ethan's face lit up at once. "You will be grateful to me in the end. Sylvia is a very talented she-wolf, and she will definitely be useful in the future."
I shook my head in disagreement. "I have to remind you that I can only stay in
the imperial capital for a limited time. You have to hurry up." Ethan nodded helplessly. "I know."

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